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What is SWEAT?

SWEAT (South West Equipping & Training) is a Christian Training Centre based in the South West of England.
Offering a variety of courses for the community and churches. See below for the different courses that we currently offer.

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Courses for the Community

Practical Parenting course in Plymouth

Practical Parenting

‘Practical Parenting’ provides an opportunity for the local community to explore parenting from a Christian perspective. This is achieved through a combination of teaching sessions, discussions and activities. The course runs over several evenings and for a small fee to attend the course, participants benefit from a book (‘Family Works’), light snacks and a family fun day with lunch, which concludes the course.

Prepare Enrich

Family, marriage and relationships are at the heart of what we do. We have authorised facilitators endorsed for Prepare Enrich. The Prepare-enrich method skills couples, giving them tools to help communication when dealing with conflict resolutions but also highlights the importance of recognising and acknowledging the positive or strong areas in their relationships. This is tailored to a wide spectrum of relationships, from those preparing for marriage to those already married.

Healthy Relationships

Explore God’s way for building strong successful relationships. A one day equipping course for all singles, those unmarried or anyone seeking to understand God’s design for relationship

Matches – Marriage Enrichment

Matches is a seven week course which explores different areas of married life. Each weekly session includes a meal, viewing of a short DVD followed by discussion time. Matches isn’t marriage counselling but marriage enrichment and for those couples who have already attended the course, they have benefitted greatly in many different ways.

Emotional Logic

Living Well Church & SWEAT Training Centre make use of a lifelong learning method called Emotional Logic. It is effective in helping people adjust to change. The leadership at Living Well & SWEAT are trained in Emotional Logic and use it on a regular basis within their pastoral activities.

Finance and CAP

Effectively managing our money can be a stressful undertaking. If we have financial problems, this can have a major knock on effect to other areas of our lives. Working alongside CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and other leaders who are expert in this area, we can provide practical support and equipping – individually or as a group – to those who have needs in this area.


Courses for the Church and Church Leaders

Living Word Bible Studies

Living Word Bible Studies brings an opportunity to learn and apply new skills when studying the word of God. A one week evening based course that introduces the inductive bible study method is a dynamic and fun filled time of equipping and building of relationship. We offer this course to churches and will bring a team to work closely alongside your leadership to deliver this one week course for your congregation.

Mission Training

A course to understand more about local, national and international missions. Covering: Motivation for mission, Being part of a team, Being spirit led, Understanding cultural differences and Preparing for missions

Envision Media Management

At Living Well we have a media team who look after the website, the branding of Living Well and any published materials. This team run ‘Envision’, equipping for those who have an interest in marketing, public relations and media. ‘Envision’ runs as a day course with a mix of teaching, discussions and activities and is available for other local churches.

Event Management Training

The media team also runs Event Management equipping, which is then used to run key events for SWEAT and Living Well. The Event Management Training encompasses self and time management and key aspects of project management. This is all based on biblical principles and is available for other churches and local leaders.

Leadership Training School (LTS)

LTS (Leadership Training School) is a two-three week annually run equipping tract dealing with the principles of leadership. It runs from Monday to Friday each week culminating in a themed banquet on the Saturday evening at the end of the final week. The learned skills and principles have opportunity to be put into practice around the planning and running of the Saturday night event.

Foundations Course

At Living Well Church we run a six-week foundation course (including a manual) which teaches the foundations of the Christian faith. The course is open to anyone interested in learning about the basis and history of Christianity and is especially beneficial to those who are new to the faith. Francis Williams facilitates the course.

Cell Leader Training

Cells are an important part of Living Well and as we continue to grow as a church, we are keen to raise and release new leaders, in particular cell leaders. Our specific ‘Cell Leader Training’ is a great way to learn more about running small groups.

Kingdom Business Mentoring

Equipping for entrepreneurs who want to run a business God’s way and see an impact for His kingdom into the marketplace.


Year of Training

YOT is a course with a difference…a unique and dynamic residential year of preparation for life and ministry. Alongside biblical and theoretical teaching, its focus is on character development and leadership skills through practical training. The YOT course is based in our sister training centre in Maidstone.